Download Android App For Learning Labels

Sunday, 21 March 2021   468 Views

Just launched a pre-release version of the Android application for learning labels. To get the app:

  1. Goto the website: . In the follow section, click on the link for the Android Application. (On your Android device, change the setting to “Allow Getting Apps from Other Sources”).
  2. Email a request ( Receive an email from us with a link to download from the Google Play Store.

This is an initial release. There is much more expected future planned functionality. There are two general themes in adding this Android (and future Windows and IOS versions):

First, a quick learning tasking application. Assign tasks to learning pathways and dashboards on the go when the inspirations hits.

Second, more devices to manage and track skills. Learning skills is pervasive in our every experience, so a system also needs to be pervasive. Skill Points is a next generation learning measurement and a way to quantify job requirements.

This is a short video on the release: