Newly Revised Learning Labels Book

Wednesday, 02 June 2021   324 Views

In last few months, I made considerable headway in producing native-first apps: five Android and two Microsoft Windows 10. Finally got to updating the book Learning Labels - A System to Manage and Track Skills: Map Learning in Skills. Map Jobs in Skills. Combine to Create Pathways with the latest concepts, current functionality, and future vision. Added five new chapters (twenty-one pages) -weighs more.

I think the two biggest themes with the added concepts is connecting learning to jobs with pathways and establishing a pervasive system across platforms and devices (IOS, Windows, and Android). Learning labels are meant to define learning expectations and job requirements, therefore should not be directly linked to a single platform. Earlier in the book, I make a similar argument related to learning labels working across LMSs, learning publishers, and providers of standards.

It is understandable why the providers want to lock in exclusivity. The obvious reason is it helps long term preferences for their products: hardware, software, and apps. The more subtle reason is the linkage to machine learning and AI, which is now and will be entangled with all types of learning in the future. And the future value of these technologies is massive (one CEO estimated 16 times the current value of Amazon in a recent popular media quote).

With functionality, I announce the release of the new apps (what I am doing about the pervasiveness), a better learning pathway and dashboard interface, and a revamped Skills Emblem. The apps are a clear response to a platform accessible anytime and anywhere, analogous to a learning tasking system. A Skills Emblem is a real-time graphic summarizing achievement on a skill-by-skill basis (lots of future potential and now includes a supporting website).

Finally, I added a short chapter in the research section of a possible blockchain use with Skill Points (a focal point of the learning labels). This might work directly with a ledger or link to credentials that are already being applied with blockchain. In a way, a quote from the World Economic Forum endorses this idea: “Learning objectives have evolved. It’s no longer just about knowledge and access. Skills are the new currency.”

Learning Labels Book Edition 3