Catalog of Learning Labels for STEM

Saturday, 02 December 2023 814 Views

First question my team fields from researchers: “Do you have a case study? Are there real current learning labels?”. Finally, my team could respond emphatically: “Yes.”

There are now two hundred learning labels for STEM tasks in high school: access them here by simply searching on terms related to STEM or by browsing the catalog here.

We tuned the interface to create the labels, removed bloated features, and improved Skills Parser. Through the process we could say:

  • Takes a reasonable ~1 minute to create a learning label.

  • Skills Parser is effective in targeting skills and standards (if the standards are supported).

  • Learning label fields are right. They correctly align to a typical task description.

  • Learning labels add value:

    • Adds the quantitative with Skill Points.

    • Summarizes to make basis of comparison decisions for practitioners and learners.

    • Putting into a series, represents a lesson plan, unit, or project.

    • Links back to the original task. (Not intended to replace the descriptive fields in a task.)

Creating learning labels is free. Sign-up and start building learning labels to complement what you are currently doing in education, higher education or training. Contact us for a free consultation.