Why Keep Skills Platform Together

Monday, 02 August 2021 729 Views

Working in the medium of skills for more than a decade, I designed and created three concepts which work together.  

Skills Based Approach (methodology) + Skills Label (system) + Skills Culture (growth mindset) = platform for lifelong learning

Beyond each sharing a deep, all-in commitment to skills, there are technical reasons why:

Skills Based Approach

Constantly Cycle Through Four Stages with an Evolving Skill Set

  • Simple, easy to understand for learners and practitioners alike.
  • Color coded stages (reinforcement).
  • Declared actions for each stage (tasks, objectives, platforms, and credentials).
  • Accepts new technologies, applications (simply plug them into a stage). (Like plugging in Skills Label.)

Skills Label

Map Learning in Skills. Map Jobs in Skills. Combine to Create Pathways.

  • Represents a task well in Skills Based Approach app.
  • Skill Points.
    • Useful to summarize work in skills. Part of Skills Based Approach app.
  • Skill Emblems.
    • Good way to present (signal) skills work and achievements.
  • Good way to manage and track skills.
  • A good number of apps and web applications already built for the system.

Skills Culture

Every Experience is an Opportunity to Apply Skills.

  • A mentality for both Skills Label and Skills Based Approach.
  • The human element. Separates tracking skills and practicing actions, with deliberate practice – being conscientious and in the moment. (Does not require an app.)
  • Takes concentration like practicing karate, debating, or playing chess. It is mindful and enduring.