Why Skills Are An Effective Medium for Learning Storylines

Friday, 02 June 2023 676 Views

Spoke with someone regarding the costs in producing quality videos to help in a pitch to an investor and attract practitioners, thought my recently granted patent might open some doors.

The person I spoke to knew I did not have a lot to spend for productions, so he took a safe, cheap option by suggesting to produce a series of interviews and podcasts.

I tried to be respectful in pleading my case that I already have a significant catalog of videos (and books) to accomplish this. I also said that I did this for my first five years - trying to convince an audience (the WHY) and the last five years I moved to building the applications (the HOW). But I get his point that producing media is a constant ebb and flow process.

There was a pinch of irony in the sense I thought he was going to lecture me on the need to tell deeper, meaningful stories rather than simply my narrative.

I knew the conversation was unlikely to lead to a production, I was only getting a feel regarding the process and cost. With my limited time, I am focused on the applications and should use almost every cent I have on development and infrastructure.

But if I had more capital in place, I would produce substantive videos telling stories proving the effectiveness of our platform to plan and build skills. I thought of three concepts:

  • Show how skills work laterally across subjects and disciplines and vertically across education, higher education, and career stages. Tell a story of a person moving through middle school, high school, college, and starting a first job. Focus on fundamental thinking skills.
  • In a day at the library show how skills are being applied frequently, instantaneously in our every experience by signaling a skill each time one is being applied.
  • Introduce the learning, course, and job labels to learners, workers, and practitioners - what they are, how they work and how to use them.