Catalog of Job Label Templates

Tuesday, 02 April 2024 2967 Views

First question my team fields from researchers: “Do you have a case study? Are there real current labels?” A few months ago, we announced the release of a catalog of 300 live, actual Learning Labels.

Now we would like to announce a catalog of 100 live, actual Job Labels. This catalog represents many of the top job titles / positions in technology and business.

A Job Label Template seeds a Job Label with baseline requirements using skill definitions and Skill Points. To use the template, a company calibrates the current skill measurements and might add/or remove skills for the specific needs of the Job Label – a job opening for a year or less.

This separation allows for practitioners and job seekers alike to consider not only a standard credential – a degree, certification, etc., but also a candidate’s abilities and/or targeted skills necessary for the job.

Practitioners create multiple learning / training pathways to get the job – using our learning labels platform.

Job seekers pivot along pathways easier, not necessarily encumbered by two and four year degrees.

Create learning, course, and job labels. Use them to create better, responsive pathways.