Skills Based Approach on iOS

Saturday, 02 September 2023 794 Views

Launched Skills Based Approach app for iOS. This version is only an initial release, later ones will include at a minimum the features and functionality of the web and Android apps.

The value proposition of the Skills Based Approach app is setting up skill sets daily or weekly (as instances), so learners and workers respond to the learning process with pivots. In addition, a learner might stack credentials at shorter intervals. One such credential, a product of learning labels, are Skill Emblems.

The app strongly connotes the color schemes referenced in the Skills Based Approach logo (so is easy to understand). The app also supports finding, discovering and identifying skills. There is an onboarding process with a Skills Parser, personality profiler, and autocompletes for courses and jobs.

Here is a link to the current iOS app:

Skills Based Approach works with the other Learning Labels Create and Skill Syllabus on iOS.