Skills Parser 2022

Wednesday, 02 February 2022 822 Views

From the initial design of the system (2016, patent applications), I always wanted to allow for the learning labels to be created automatically where there is minimal data entry. This speeds up the process and helps make them more accurate. A learning labels is sophisticated and layered, so accomplishing this is a challenge. A few years ago, I introduced Skills Parser which adds or suggests skills. I recently updated this feature, so standards and requirements are added or suggested.

The Skill Parser now accepts pre-defined education, higher education, and training standards; of course, the set of standards must already be indexed in the system. The current system loosely supports four sets of national standards and an interface to build ‘custom standards’. Moving forward, our proposal is to add standards to the system as requested. In use, a practitioner references the standard code or uploads a file where the standards are referenced.

Requirements are now also picked up by the parser. So, for example, using Microsoft Windows, Google Android, or Apple IOS platforms are requirements that might get referenced (and this is shown in the first case of the video).

Altogether, if practitioners upload a file(s), provides a supported URL, or copy and pastes text, then they significantly speed up the process in building the label. Another option is to simply type in structured or unstructured tags or keywords into the copy paste field, such as standard codes, skills, or requirements, and let the Skills Parser pick them up.

See this video on how this works: