Use Learning and Job Labels as a File

Friday, 03 November 2023 621 Views

My team is deep in the process of making the creation of learning, course and job labels intuitive and realistic. I say the latter realizing through a couple UI Tests (observing testers) and my own testing of the apps most practitioners are simply not willing to type in composition fields (titles and descriptions) on a Smartphone – where an inspiration is likely to occur.

In the Learning Labels Create app in iOS, I accomplished the hurdle of an unwillingness to thumb text to create a label with a new seeding interface. Now from any website or PDF, click on an Action Link to seed a learning or job label; create a label in seconds. The interface is so convincing I rewrote our Terms and Conditions for the iOS, Android, and website applications to accommodate the ease in creating the labels.

This also reinforces the concept of the labels representing a standalone file, some combination of a SVG image, PDF, and NFT. A learning, course, or job label could be sent in an email or message or stored as a PDF or PNG on a device – all also supported in the apps.

Learning, course, and job labels are part of a patented system to manage and track skills.