Learning Labels Teams 2022 Draft

Saturday, 12 March 2022   211 Views

Usually I wait to make this post until the app is fully built and only show screenshots, but I am not sure when I am going to get the chance to finish building Learning Labels Teams. This app is designed to provide functionality for a team to share and pool learning resources and signal their skill sets among each other. The two types of connections are peers and teachers.

I look forward to building this app as it applies features and interactions I proposed nearly a decade ago as part of the Skills Based Approach methodology. Signaling skills is part of the Presenting Stage (one of the four stages a learner constantly cycles through). In the book Skills Based Approach, I argue teams work better together when everyone knows each other skills.

In addition, predicting a 'collective intelligence' is more effective with soft skills and not simply summing up intelligences. This app (all the Learning Labels apps) references all types of skills, including thinking, soft, and technical skills.

Most of the screens include Skill Points, which are numerical learning gains. Skills Points are calculated on a skill-by-skill basis by a complex algorithm as learning labels get created. Throughout the Learning Label apps, Skill Points get aggregated for higher level elements (project, syllabi, and jobs). In this app, they are aggregated as Low, Median, and High for a team and are prominent on the Skill Emblems.

This app is designed to find new connections and establish teams and groups. In the app, the slight difference between teams and groups is duration and target features.

A group works on a single label or a series of them, which is: more static, in smaller intervals, and part of the grading functionality.

In higher education, teams might last for a whole semester or year and features within the app are meant to be responsive – share learning tasks and identify ways to improve the team’s performance.

 In work, teams might work on a project together – optimize the team’s performance through the duration of the project.

Here is some context for the rest of the screens:

Screen 4 shows the summary statistics for all the skills of peers in a team. There will be much more work on this and derivative screens to provide measurements and access that best supports a team’s performance.

Screen 5 shows all the tasks and experiences a teacher provides to learners.

Screen 6 (actual screenshot from the app) shows all the skills for a single learner on the team. Clicking on the emblem icon navigates to a Skills Emblem – a responsive graphic showing queued and completed work for a user on a skill-by-skill basis.

Screens 7 and 8 (actual screenshot from the app) are actual Skill Emblems – one for the skill of graphic design and another for business strategy. There are also live links to the different tasks and experiences supporting the Skills Emblem. (One way to share access to the resources.)